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The Routing Systems solutions are able to optimize and build new services, sales/distribution territories and replenishment strategies that maximize customer service and profit. With our solutions the customers can evaluate the performance and comparison between planning and execution in real time.

It is a web solution used for services tracking, allowing the integration between the activities planning made by the route planner, with the activities execution made by the field professionals (drivers, deliveries, promoters and sellers).

It offers an overall vision to the managers presenting cockpits, dashboards and KPIs, with the goal of monitoring the performance in real time and analysing historical periods. View more.

Robust routing solution which allows the territories salles equating and balancing, delivery planning, defining the quantity and vehicles tipes needed to meet a mass of orders. Allows a thousand of orders to be routed in a few moments, regarding to restrictions such as: customers time windows, vehicles tipes rules, regions and products… View more.

Routing solution which has an algorithm that offers the users several alternatives of sceneries and routing results. As time goes by, new routing results are presented allowing the user’s evaluation to use the most indicated scenery.

In practice, the longer is the available routing time, the greater will be the possibility of analysis and generation of comparative sceneries. View more.

Solution with incremental routing algorithm. It offers, mainly to companies that work with home delivery, a very attractive scenery, using robusts computing resources, its algorithm has the capacity of routing orders in a continuous way and as new orders are integrated to the website company, slot with the days possibilities and time windows, are presented for the final customer to decide the most convenient day and schedule to receive. View more.

Web routing solution which has in an only platform, the planning and execution modules. It is commercialized in the SaaS format, facilitating the implementation, because it does not require infrastructure investment.  It has a very friendly interface for the user to analyse and make changes to the routes. View more.


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