It is a web solution used for services tracking, allowing the integration between the activities planning made by the route planner, with the activities execution made by the field professionals (drivers, deliveries, promoters and sellers). It offers an overall vision to the managers presenting cockpits, dashboards and KPIs, with the goal of monitoring the performance in real time and analysing historical periods. In the technological aspect, it is a solution which uses the concept of fast developing, providing to the users at least a new version each month.

The integration can be done through API Rest, Web services, XML and dashboards uploading for data receiving. In addition to conventional reports, PerforMAXXI datas can be integrated with other systems through Webhook. 

PerforMAXXI solution is integrated with the MobileMAXXI app to receive data tracking, speed information, photos, signature captures, barcode codes, temperature, messages, dynamic forms, among other features. The combined solutions allow the data communication and integration in a few seconds, facilitating the communication between analysts and drivers.

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